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Recovery and Repair Supporting Duo

Skin renewal system

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Peace Host:

A unique balm-to-gel-to-light-foam cleanser made with Equibiome, DS-CERAmix-V, Niacinamide and PHAs for unbelievably comfortable skin. This multi-functional cleanser gently exfoliates dead cells, pulls out dirt and locks in moisture while soothing aggravated skin.

Spark Change:

First & only-of-its-kind moisturiser that contains: Dual Algal Extracts, Lactococcus Ferment Lysate, and Hyaluronic Acid stimulant for reduced sensitivity, improved resilience & lasting hydration.

Luxe Pouch:

Our luxe green pouch isn’t just a pretty face - it's actually pretty handy! Made with ultra-soft velvet, this quilted pouch with a long-lasting metal zipper can hold endless skincare essentials, makeup treasures, house keys, credit cards, sunglasses and cash. You can get your hands on the pouch as a complimentary with this bundle.

Signature Ingredients


An extremely comforting & soothing proprietary ingredient derived from Arctium Lappa. It has a long history of being used to reduce irritation, sensitivity & redness.


DS-CERAmix-V optimises skin’s stratum corneum with lipid composition that mimics the ones naturally found in the skin. The multi-lamellar emulsion improves bioavailability of NMFs which boost skin elasticity, increase hydration and reinforce barrier function.


Best in class, ultra-calming ingredient for hypersensitive skin. Whether the reactivity is the result of actives or is the natural skin type, Syricalm has repeatedly been shown to soothe & calm irritation, inflammation, redness & swelling.


Derived from red algae known to have adapted to survive in extreme environments. Protects against the damaging effects of UV rays & pollution while strengthening the barrier function. It counters dullness & loss of brightness.